Sunday, May 12, 2013

East coast invasion

may 10 - st hyacinthe
may 11 - peterborough
may 14 - toronto
may 16 - moncton
may 17 - halifax
may 18 - charlottetown
may 19 - charlottetown
may 20 - montreal

may 14 - 20th with steve on drums (
suppressulant, rat king).   

new tunes

here are a couple of the new tracks that will be released (one day) on the upcoming industrial death noise solution.  You can also snag these physically on the limited edition tour tape that we will have on our foray into eastern canada next week.

without warning

ugly music for an ugly world

Triumphant return....

We had the extreme pleasure of sharing the stage with uk's one and only DooM in early may, and what a rager that was.  Thanks to everyone who came out to show support, and of course, to see a legendary band.      We spent the last two nights playing some rad shows, one in st-hyacinth, the other in peterborough.


thanks to Fatal Flaw, Saccage, Altarus, for providing some raging tunes and acute tinnitus.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Recordings Soon!

Once again IDNS will be hitting the, jam space, end of January to bring you another volatile aural masterpiece.  This little beauty will also feature some rad artwork by Adam Kindred.  Keep an ear to the ground folks....

Heralding the Apocalypse!

For those of you in Toronto, come out on Thursday December 20th and rock out before the clock hits midnight and the whole world shits the bed.  Featuring the musical stylings of Gofuckyourself, deadmouth, sofistifucks, IDNS, G.O.D, and Endprogram.  The best part is, its fucking free.  Get your asses out to this one, its one last chance to party....

Check it out here...

Live footage from tour

Rad footage of us playing Systematik at murder house in Halifax.  The show was a rager, thanks for having us guys!